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pJust like many apocalyptic movies predicted, the world is gradually moving online. To keep up with the changes, a lot of businesses moved online too. And the current pandemic has just proved that it is necessary and actually makes the work process easier.

Why not? After all, it’s much easier to buy something in one click than getting in the car and sitting in the traffic, only to struggle trying to find a free parking spot later. 

But do you actually need to register your business if it’s online? The answer is yes, you do. And here is why.

 Top 5 advantages the registration of your online business in Georgia gives to you

1. Legal liability protection of your registered business

Once your company is officially registered, legally, you are a different entity from your company and will not be held personally responsible for certain accidents.

2. Copyrights of your registered company

The name and the patents of the registered company cannot be legally used by any other party without your approval, which will protect your brand from the competition that might try to take advantage of you.

3. Raising the capital for your growing business

Accessing loans and attracting investors to a registered company is much easier.

4. Transferability of the registered company

Once the company is not tied to its owner, the ownership can be easily transferred by selling stock. Moreover, it gives a clearer picture to the co-founders (if you have them).

5. Easier operation process for the growing startup

Dealing with vendors and partners requires a company to be registered as well, as most of the businesses refuse to engage otherwise. 

Do you need to register your online business only in Georgia or in several locations?

Yes, if you operate there. There is no law that requires you to do so, but it certainly gives your company credibility. For example,  Easy Wedding Georgia is a wedding planning startup that helps the UAE (and other GCC countries) residents to get married in Georgia, operates in both locations.

While the majority of its customers are located in the Middle East, to avail their services they fly to Tbilisi. Being registered in both UAE and Georgia, the company is authorized to proceed with all the legal paperwork for the couples.

It significantly improves the level of service and the trust as pre- and after-wedding paperwork is the main concern of their customers because the wedding certificates have to be attested and legalized at numerous government institutions.

Registering your business is probably the best way you can expand it and ensure its success. Especially if you decide to register it in Georgia, where the process is very easy.

Do you have a business? Tell us about it in the comments, and we’ll give you personalized tips on how to grow it!

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