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The entire process of marriage procedure in Dubai is far more complicated than Georgia. However; Dubai is the home to many expat couples that still prefer to marry here. In recent years; Georgia is picking up as the new destination to marry, start your company and family.

In this article; we shed light on how you can marry in Dubai (under given circumstances) and eventually move to Georgia to start your business.

Dubai marriage procedure Vs Georgia

Whether you decide to marry in Dubai or Georgia in both countries the marriage certificate of both countries is accepted and applicable. 

If you are a Non Muslim; the process is rather easy to marry in Dubai and Georgia. To get married, the couples must register marriage in Dubai or Georgia. Later on, at the respective embassies or consulates of their home countries. Even Christian expats can get married to their partners at one of the churches in both countries and get their marriage registered at the embassy or consulate.

Marriage procedure and requirements in Dubai and Georgia

For expats to be eligible for getting married in Dubai and Georgia, they must meet the following marriage requirements:

  • The bride and groom must be 18 years of age.
  • Two witnesses for the ceremony are required.
  • Marriage formalities for non-Muslim expats in Dubai are regulated by their respective embassies
  • In addition to this, the embassy or church where the couple is getting married must meet other requirements The requirements vary from one entity to another.
  • Additional documents required while getting the marriage registered in both countries include a photocopy of the couples’ passports, the couple’s birth certificates, a valid ID of the witnesses, and proof of divorce/ death of the previous spouse (in case applied).

Why Dubai expats move to Georgia to start their business

Georgia is ranked 7th among 190 countries in which to start a business, according to the World Bank Group’s latest rankings. While the method requires a few consultations and processes, it is rather straightforward.

In order to start a business in Georgia, you must first register your business. However, no one enjoys going through all of the paperwork and procedures. Georgia’s approach is less complicated and requires fewer steps. For translation and appointment scheduling, you’ll need the help of a local partner.

Want to know more about starting your business here in Dubai as an expat, book a call with our team of experts.

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