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Easy Company Georgia is a consulting company operating between Dubai and Tbilisi. Our main goal is to help the entrepreneurs in the UAE and other GCC countries to legally register their companies in Georgia to help them grow. 





01. Fast

Georgia is known as a country with one of the easiest procedures of the company registration in the world. The whole process usually takes about 2 days.


The fees of the company registration may vary depending on what type of the company you are going to open but in all the cases they are very low.

03. double taxation avoidance

Georgia has double tax avoidance treaties with 52 countries, including the UK, Germany, India, Singapore and China.


Proven Benefit

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Companies with annual turnover of less than GEL 500,000 are required to pay only 1% of tax on their turnover.


Tax on turnover


Happy customers


A Team Of Professionals



Not a stranger to the idea. Opened a few start-ups himself and currently lives between Dubai and Tbilisi. 



Being a professional in customer service, Liz will take care of your inquiries in a best way possible. 


What are the benefits of registering a company in Georgia?

lower cost

Registering a company in Georgia is much cheaper than registering one in the UAE Freezone

on line bank account

The registered company get an on line bank account operating in 3 currencies: GEL, USD, EUR

no physical presence required

You don’t have to be present to register your company in Georgia. All the paperwork can be done by our team

local partner is not required

Unlike in the GCC countries, you will not need a local partner to open a company in Georgia

No annual renewal fees

In any of the GCC countries renewing your trade license yearly in mandatory and quite pricey. Georgia has no such thing.

open in georgia sell in the gcc

aIf your company offers services or products that do not require a physical office, you don’t need local trade license and can easily register your company in Georgia but operate anywhere else

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