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Company registration is not an easy process. Who loves paperwork after all? In Georgia the process is much easier and requires less steps. However you will need a local partner to help you with the translation and appointments. Here is what we can do for you.


Why registering your company in Georgia is a win for you?

Georgia is in the top 10 countries to start a business in, as per the latest World Bank Group rankings. While the process takes a few appointments and a few steps, it remains extremely easy. Here are the main benefits:

you don't need to fly to georgia to register your company

The whole registration process can be done without you being present. Yes, it’s that easy!

you can register a company in georgia and sell in the gcc

If you don’t need a physical office for you operations this option is just perfect for you. You can easily reach the audience of the country where you reside while your company is legally registered in Georgia

you will pay less

The company registration fee in Georgia is so much lower than in the UAE or other Gulf counties. Why would you spend money on paperwork if you can invest it into developing your business?

you don't need a local partner

As you probably know in Dubai to register the LLC you have to have a local partner. In Georgia there is no such thing. You will have a 100% shares of your company unless you decide otherwise

no annual renewal fees

We are pretty sure you are not very happy with the amount you have to pay every year to just renew your trade license in the UAE. In Georgia you can forget about the annual renewal!


Our Main Services

Company registration

Want to get your company registered to start legally operate worldwide? Georgia provides a set of advantages for starting a business.

Trade mark registration

Don’t want to risk your company’s reputation and success? Georgia has a very easy trade mark registration process.

Virtual zone company

Looking for a way to register your IT activity to operate abroad? Georgia is the right place for it.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

Why do you need to register a company? There are so many reasons for it but the main one is that it benefits you first of all. Once your company is registered you can have a company’s bank account, you can apply for small business loans, you can hire employees if you need to and have partnerships with the vendors. And of course, having your company registered builds trust and reputation for your customers.¬†

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