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The expat community in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has exploded in recent years, accounting for around 90% of the UAE’s overall population. The same is that for Georgia; which expats choosing to stay over and start their own company.

Many couples previously worked in GCC couples; got married and then decided to begin the newest chapter of their life in Georgia. Lets understand what impact does the new personal laws in Abu Dhabi have while starting your company in Georgia

New personal laws on Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, has published new divorce, inheritance, and child custody regulations for non-Muslims. The legislation also establishes the concept of civil marriage, permits the creation of wills that provide inheritance to whoever a person wishes, and addresses paternity difficulties.

Abu Dhabi would establish a special court to hear these disputes, which would be held in both Arabic and English. This is to ensure that emirate’s large international worker community could understand them.

Financial implications of the new personal laws

Inheritance laws would imply that your spouse would have rights to your property, business, and other assets as given at the time of will distribution. This ensures the safety of your other half. Given the prior protocols, where the other half’s interests were not protected at all.

When beginning a business in Georgia as a married couple, it’s critical to know what rights and responsibilities each of you has.

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