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Well, if your company depends on the open borders and you offer your services solely in Georgia, you are screwed. So the first lesson learned by many in a painful way during this pandemic: be flexible and don’t put all the eggs in the same basket. How do you do that?

 Keep your Georgian business flexible

First of all, it depends on the product and services you offer. But also on your mindset and ability to adjust. 

Here is the story of success all of us could learn from. 

Easy Wedding Seychelles is a brand new and shiny branch of Easy Wedding Family group. The main company was focused on offering wedding solutions for GCC residents in Georgia. And the product was quite unique. The flight timings, the prices, the paperwork, and the Georgian magnificent nature – all these factors played a significant role in the overall services the company used to offer to its customers.

However, when the pandemic hit hard, and all the borders got closed, the business had to hit the pause button, throwing all the efforts into the marketing, building the base and the brand awareness for the new season, and hoping for the borders to open sooner than later.

That did not happen. When Georgia announced that the opening of the borders will be postponed for another month, for the second time in a row, it was clear that it is crucial to find a new solution for the customers waiting to receive their services.

 Seek alternative destinations for your startup, based in Georgia

Luckily enough, the beautiful country of Seychelles decided to gradually open their borders for visitors. And that’s how Easy Wedding Seychelles was born. And instead of collapsing, the business started expanding.

The new destination offers a completely different product. After all the sceneries, the paperwork process and the price range are completely different compared to those promised in Georgia. But the business found its way to adjust. As essentially the main goal (to help the couples get legally married to have a family in the UAE or other GCC countries without breaking the law) can be accomplished in Seychelles too.

And once the world gets back to normal and Georgia, as the main destination, will be able to operate again, the company will have a new fully functioning branch, offering its customers more options and solutions than before.

Do you know any other examples of success despite the COVID-19 circumstances? Share it with us in the comments! 

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