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Statistics show that many foreigners, not just expats, have come to Georgia to get married in the last five years, and I believe this wonderful fact has three main reasons

  • Georgia is inexpensive in comparison to many GCC countries and even Europe.
  • There are many beautiful wedding spots where you can make amazing photo sessions and commemorate their special day
  • and even if you are both a foreign couple, Georgia makes it extremely easy to get married despite your religion and your nationality

In this article we’ve put together how to get married in Georgia cheap however alternatively we have also linked what is the actual price of getting married in Dubai for you to make your comparison.


From having a spectacular wedding for AED 1 million, you can even bump down to a mid-range and budget wedding for AED 200,000, depending on your budget. While there is no solid-state real cost of getting married in Dubai, here are some of the most significant charges that will give you an idea of your entire wedding costs.

  • Even if you are on a tight budget, you should expect to spend between AED 200,000 and AED 500,000 on your wedding in Dubai. Based on our prior experiences, we believe that a suitable wedding budget will be between AED 1,000 and AED 1,500 per attendee.
  • The present situation of the world may allow you to avoid spending exorbitant prices. However, if you invite roughly 200-150 guests, your wedding expenditure will easily reach around AED 300,000 just for the reception in typical circumstances.
  • Roughly your other expenditures would be for the bridal down, jewelry, caters, florist, cakes; and don’t get me started on if you are planning on putting up your guests in fancy hotels.


Most couples prefer to celebrate in a variety of ways; for example, a romantic meal for two people may not cost your entire paycheck, but what if both the couples are expats? they would need to take into consideration their food, travel, accommodation.

Perhaps you would want to invite some friends and family members to join in your celebration. But all of this; still doesn’t need to cost you a bomb. We always suggest our couples for most cost efficient for them and you can check out some packages you see which one would best suit your budget and requirements.

But let me simply put this; your entire wedding procedure can be completed for less than AED 10,000 to cover all the legal requirements.


1. Keep your guest list small

Consider inviting those who are very important to you. With every additional guests; you are adding on the cost for your wedding.

2. Get Married in off peak season

If you are not very particular consider getting married during the off peak season, which runs from November to February, is a great time to save money on your wedding because many venues and vendors offer discounts and bring down their prices.

3. Keep your wedding decoration and floral arrangements simple

Your floral decorations, boutiques and wedding decorations very minimalistic. Georgia is so stunning as a place; that the mountains, vineyards, the ocean more often is just the perfect backdrop and you need not splurge in enormous amounts for the décor.

4. Choose a wedding location closer to your where you live

If you are trying to get married in a budget; its important to play it smart and avoid a wedding location which is very far away because then you would be additionally spending on transportation whilst traveling back and forth to the venue.

5. Hire a local wedding planning agency

A local wedding planner can considerably change your wedding game. This is because if they are local; they would the insides outsides of the city in Georgia you wish to tie the knot in and can save you huge amount of money and time. Plus their connections with local vendors and entertainment acts can help you get a decent discounts which would be rather difficult otherwise.

If you are planning a Georgian wedding and looking for some local assistance to plan your wedding day; we would love to help you out !

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