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With over 200,000 new arrivals each year, Dubai attracts expats from all over the world. While some may find the expense of living to be prohibitive, the enormous supply of appealing housing units, high salaries, and cheap taxes entice a great number of people to relocate to Dubai and live the expat lifestyle.

Many expats are now open to marrying or fall in love with somebody who do not share their cultural or religious background. With over 200 nationalities and ethnicities, the legalities of getting married in Dubai only increases.

This article mainly focusses on the requirements for expat residents in Dubai however; please note the detailed requirements on how to get married in Dubai court for Emiratis.



You must register your marriage with the sharia court if you are a Muslim and want to marry in Dubai. There are many criteria for this technique, but here are a few of the more crucial ones:

  • A wedding form must be completed and submitted to the Dubai court.
  • Both partners must show their national identification cards, visa status, and valid passports.
    A work or residency visa is required for one of the spouses.
  • Both spouses must have an authentic birth certificate.
  • A pre-marriage medical certificate demonstrating fitness and the absence of major diseases like thalassemia and HIV/AIDS. A certificate from a Dubai government-approved health establishment is required.
  • In addition, Muslim brides must have their parent or guardian present in court on the wedding day. They’ll also need to bring their passports and ID cards.
  • A small number of witnesses must also be present in court.
  • A non-Muslim groom is prohibited from marrying a Muslim bride (he must convert to Islam).
  • If the bride’s father has passed away, a guardian, such as a brother, uncle, or other relative, must be present.
  • If you’re divorced, you’ll also need to show your former marriage certificate.
  • You’ll also need to bring the prior spouse’s original death certificate if you’re applying for window status.


The documentation and administrative requirements for non-Muslim residents vary depending on the country of origin and the nationality of the partner. A list of some of the prerequisites for non-Muslims who want to marry in Dubai Court is provided below:

  • Both parties must be at least 18 years old.
  • They’ll also require two witnesses with their respective national IDs and passports on the wedding day.
  • Each couple’s passports must have both originals and photocopies.
  • The birth certificate in its original state needs to be provided to Court.
  • Medical fitness certificate for pre-marriage to ensure that both spouses are safe.
  • In the event of a divorce, a marriage certificate is required confirming the same.
  • In the event of a window, the original death certificate of the previous partner is necessary.


At first glimpse, visitors are captivated by this surprisingly lovely country; Georgia. With the image of a historic and modern city that is seamlessly interwoven, and it Georgia has been home to people of various cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds for millennia. This is also apparent in the city’s Old Town, where a mosque, synagogue, and Christian churches coexist.

It is very common while working in Dubai you fall in love with someone from another religion and nationality. While this is quite a common affair in most western countries; the laws are still relatively strict for getting married in the Islamic countries; Dubai included.

Is expat wedding common in Dubai: the answer is yes; however the paperwork and documentation is quite a lengthy process which is why Georgia has become one of the top wedding destination especially for Dubai expats.

Within a 3 hour flight; you can marry the love of your life with the least number of possible documents.


While both these countries have their pro’s and con’s; it is important to take a step back and really observe what matters to you and your partner to make this day an extraordinary. If you want to stay away from the gruesome paperwork and documents you know which country to pick.

However, if your friends and your family are all from Dubai and your partner is also from the same religion then a Dubai court marriage won’t be a bad idea either,

Are you planning a court marriage in Dubai or contemplating; let us know. We might be able to help you resolve this for you.

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