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If you are living in the GCC, and planning on getting married; let me warn you this might not be easy. This is due to the stressful and lengthy marriage process. However, you’ve come to the right place if you are considering other options.

Here, we’ll talk about Georgia Marriage for GCC residents, which is the simplest and most efficient way to be married in 2021. As a wedding planning company, we often get asked what makes Georgia so incredibly special as a wedding destination. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

For residents of the GCC, there are three main reasons to marry:

  • You have found the one and you wish to get married.
  • You wish to live with your partner as an official couple in the same house.
  • You want to start a family.

Living in the GCC, one might know that if you need the following checklist in your life; legally getting married is the only way forward. While there are other options available to you, which we would explore very shortly. Many GCC residents are opting for getting married in Georgia because it is simple and does not require a lot of paperwork to legalize the wedding.

Let’s have a look at the other choices first.

Option 1: Getting married in your own embassy

People’s first thought while considering getting married in the GCC region is to choose their particular embassy. To begin, you’ll need to speak with your embassy’s officials about your specific situation. They’ll then give you all of the requirements you need to meet. Generally, you’ll have to furnish them with a large number of documents.

This option is suitable for couples if both partners are of the same nationality and religion. However, if your partner is of a different nationality or religion, the procedure of getting married in this situation might be quite difficult.

Option 2: Picking a GCC Court nearest to you

The GCC court is the second place where you can get married. This is another option that is suitable for Muslim couples. This process will take a long time and effort if you or your partner are not Muslim. Moreover; if any of the partner is from a GCC country or a foreigner the process can further complicated

Option 3: Why we suggest residents of the GCC marry in Georgia

1. Easy wedding procedure

Georgia has an easy-to-follow wedding procedure. Georgia’s marriage requirements are also straightforward. It’s one of the main reasons why Georgia is regarded as one of the best places for GCC residents to marry.

2. Close to GCC countries

Georgia is only three hours away by plane from the GCC. The best thing about this country for GCC citizens is that most people can visit without a visa.

3. Easy to marry different nationalities

Furthermore, you and your spouse can easily marry here, even if you and your partner are of different nationalities and beliefs. After being married in Georgia, you will receive an apostille wedding certificate. The benefit of this certificate is that it is recognised as a legal document in hundreds of nations.

4. Budget friendly

And finally, the cost of the wedding here is also less than the expense of an embassy wedding. Now if you’re anyways planning on spending money behind your wedding; you might as well keep it under the budget and plan a destination wedding in Georgia.

If you are dreaming about a gorgeous Georgian wedding in 2021, we would love to plan it for you and figure out your paperwork. Feel free to comment below and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

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