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Getting married is one of the most crucial events in our life. Which explains why every couple works hard to make it as lovely and memorable as possible. With a blue sea, pleasant beaches, and palm palms, it provides breathtaking scenery. Seychelles is one of the most memorable ways to celebrate your wedding.

This article is a brief version of the wedding packages in Seychelles with a quick comparison with Georgia which also happens to be the next destination spot for destination wedding and a lot of start up companies from the UAE.


The magnificent Seychelles islands is the place to indulge in luxury and splendour throughout the wedding and honeymoon stay. Weddings can be held on a variety of lovely island beaches in the Seychelles, with a stunning backdrop of crystal clear oceans.

Keeping in mind with the recent guidelines; if you have gotten both doses of the covid-19 vaccination, Seychelles will welcome you without any quarantine restrictions.

Couples who intend to get married here will not be subjected to quarantine upon arrival in any country if they have a recognized vaccination certificate that has been approved by the respective health authorities.


  • Paperwork packages: Consider the GCC registration package if you merely need to complete all of the legal documents for your marriage and don’t have enough time for the ceremony.
  • Formal ceremony packages: If you want your wedding to be one of the best and most unforgettable days of your life, you must have a suitable wedding ceremony.
  • Religious ceremonial packages: If you come from a religious background and religion is important to you, the following bundle is for you.
  • Customized package: If none of the following packages appeal to you, you can choose our Custom Wedding package. It enables you to create your own package by selecting the services you require from us.

Choosing a wedding package depends on a lot of factors which mainly includes the time, budget and the unique requirements which every couple has towards their wedding day. You can also learn more about how to choose the best wedding package in Seychelles.


Similarly, when it comes to picking a destination in todays day and age with Covid restrictions; a number of factors play in our mind. Georgia being a relatively smaller country has more or less managed the situation pretty well and can welcome couples to their wonderful country.

Couples who have been completely vaccinated will not be required to undergo any testing prior to their arrival if they provide their vaccine certificate at any of the entrance checkpoints.

Georgia is also quite reasonable and hence the wedding packages here would be less than a fraction of a cost to most weddings.

Alternatively, in recent times many GCC expats are flying down to Georgia to understand more about how to set up their business and find Georgia economically much reasonable in comparison to make other countries.


Both Georgia and Seychelles; make a wonderful destination to get married. The final verdict truly comes down on the couples.

If you are struggling to make this decision between Seychelles and Georgia; how about booking a consultation with us; and let us help you out.

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